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Is it ever ok to settle for second best? When buying a house, you wouldn’t purposely settle for your second choice if your dream home was within reach. So, why accept anything less when you’re looking for a new Volkswagen at an Akron VW dealership? Here at Eastside Volkswagen, we don’t believe in settling and do everything possible to help our customers find the Volkswagen of their dreams at a great price.

Akron drivers can find the latest Volkswagen models at Eastside Volkswagen, but you’ll also find so much more than that. Family-owned and operated since the early 1970s, our dealership is revered throughout northern Ohio. We’ve built a stellar reputation for our unique approach to the car-buying and owning process. As we mentioned, we don’t believe any customer should settle for second best.

Our dealership operates on integrity and transparency, eliminating the stress of the traditional car-buying experience and replacing it with excitement. Buying a Volkswagen is an exciting endeavor and is one we’re here to help you celebrate. We’ll walk you through our extensive inventory of new and used models, ride along for test drives, answer all your questions, and help you navigate the buying process. With each step, you’ll see how honesty is our compass in all that we do.

So, what else can you expect to find at Eastside Volkswagen? It’s time to find out! From things to consider when shopping for your Volkswagen to our extensive inventory, here’s what it means to shop with the best at Eastside Volkswagen.

A white 2021 Volkswagen Jetta SEL is shown on a rooftop lot after leaving an Akron VW dealership.

Things to Consider When Picking Your Volkswagen

As you start your search for the perfect Volkswagen, you’ll find your options are plentiful and stretch from luxury sedans to spacious SUVs. So, how do you determine the best model for your needs? Answering this question starts by knowing your budget or what you can afford to spend on a vehicle. As you determine your budget, you’ll also want to factor in other expenses like insurance and maintenance.

Once you have a general idea of how much you can afford to spend, it’s time to look at your driving style and passenger and cargo-hauling needs. For example, if you primarily use your car to navigate your commute to work and rarely haul passengers, you might start your search with a compact sedan or an electric vehicle. However, if you’re driving kids to and from school and running errands around town, a larger SUV is likely ideal.

As you narrow your choices down to a sedan, SUV, or electric vehicle, it’s time to revisit your budget and weigh it against everything you want and need in your Volkswagen. Does your budget limit your choices on the new lot to a base trim with only a few luxuries? If so, you’ll find your money will go a lot further on the used lot and can easily get you behind the wheel of top-tier trim in exchange for a few miles on the odometer.

You’ll also want to consider warranty coverage, added protection that engineers confidence long after your purchase. Every new Volkswagen model comes with Scheduled Carefree Maintenance for two years or 20,000 miles, VW Roadside Assistance for three years or 36,000 miles, and a New Vehicle Limited Warranty for four years or 50,000 miles. Depending on their age and mileage, some used models may still be covered by the brand’s new vehicle warranty. Or, you can opt to purchase additional coverage for extended peace of mind if you’re shopping for an older model.

A close up shows the passenger side headlight on a red 2022 Volkswagen ID.4 Pro S.

Our Selection of New Volkswagen Models

Volkswagen translates to “the people’s car company,” reflecting the automaker’s early goal to build vehicles designed to meet the evolving needs of drivers around the world. Today, shopping for a new Volkswagen is an excellent example of how Volkswagen has accomplished this feat and lives up to its namesake as a car company for the people. So, what does this mean for your search for a new Volkswagen?

Volkswagen recognizes that every driver has unique needs, so its lineup doesn’t offer a cookie-cutter approach to vehicle design. Instead, its fleet is diverse and runs the gamut from compacts and luxury sedans to spacious SUVs and EVs that usher the Volkswagen lineup into the future. Compacts like the Golf R and Golf GTI prove that performance doesn’t come at the cost of size, with models like the Golf R able to satisfy any need for speed.

Volkswagen has plenty to offer drivers looking for a larger sedan with stunners like the Arteon, Jetta, and Jetta GLI. Larger in size than their compact counterparts, these sedans are sophisticated, aerodynamic, and loaded with features that make them exceptional values and ideal for drivers who need extra room without sacrificing efficiency or performance. But what if you need more passenger and cargo space than a sedan offers? Volkswagen has you covered.

The Volkswagen lineup of SUVs and EVs is exceptional and offers something for everyone. You’ll find all-electric options like the ID.4 maximize efficiency and deliver superior power, making it easy to adopt an all-electric lifestyle. Best-sellers like the Atlas, Taos, Tiguan, and Atlas Cross Sport are also staples in the fleet and offer various cabin sizes, seating configurations, and a progressive suite of features across their lineups to meet all your transportation needs.

A blue 2022 Volkswagen Taos is shown driving on a tree-lined road.

Our Selection of Used Volkswagen Models

Just as Volkswagen recognizes the diverse needs of drivers, so do we. We know that not every customer comes to us looking for a new Volkswagen. Instead, some are looking to stretch their hard-earned money even further by investing in a used Volkswagen. We’re here to help with that, too, with our exceptional pre-owned inventory.

Our used selection of Volkswagen models is constantly cycling, which means we’re always adding to our inventory. As a result, you’ll find best-sellers like the Atlas, Tiguan, Jetta, and Golf amid icons like the Beetle and newer additions to the fleet like the Atlas Cross Sport. This vast selection is even more impressive when you discover that not every used Volkswagen makes the cut. What do we mean?

Like Volkswagen, we believe in high-quality standards, especially regarding our used inventory. Our goal is to give you the best selection possible, engineering confidence in your purchase long after leaving our lot. To do that requires holding every model to higher standards, ensuring their operability before being added to our inventory. This is how we’ve created a shopper’s paradise where quality is guaranteed.

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