Volkswagen Dealership Near Me

If you're on the hunt for a new or used car and are searching for a "Volkswagen dealership near me," fear not. You can find a new Volkswagen or a used vehicle from a variety of manufacturers here at Eastside Volkswagen. Our specialty is Volkswagen, the German car manufacturer with a storied history of automotive innovation and style.

Over its 85-year history, VW has been responsible for such automotive icons as the Beetle, Golf, and Bus. Today, it has grown to be among the largest automotive manufacturers by worldwide sales. With a penchant for automotive innovation in driving experience and technology, it's easy to see why VW is Europe's best-selling car brand. With plans for a fully electrified lineup in the near future, you'll be able to find a VW that fits your green thumb, your budget, and your style.

At Eastside Volkswagen, we stand behind this brand and everything it represents. We're excited to offer Volkswagen models to the people of Willoughby Hills and the greater Cleveland area. We're committed to the idea that VW stands as much for excellence as it does for being the "People's Car."

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Find Your Next VW Here

We have an excellent selection of Volkswagen sedans and SUVs waiting for you at our lot here in Willoughby Hills that reflects the great history of Volkswagen. In the 1940s, the company began production of the Type 1, what we all know today as the iconic VW Beetle. Known as a saloon, that European speak for a sedan, it quickly caught the attention of drivers around the world. With the ease of assembly and maintenance of the small, air-cooled, rear-mounted engine, the Beetle sold in massive quantities.

Later, as manufacturing technology improved, Volkswagen began producing a wider range of saloons and hatchbacks. Names that are familiar to us today––like Passat, Golf, Jetta––began their life in the later decades of the 20th century as Volkswagen began to grow. Here in the United States, at that time, we were looking for affordable and fuel-efficient cars, and the vehicles rolling out of Wolfsburg became even more popular. Today, while the Beetle has left the market seemingly for good, the Passat, Jetta, and Arteon are still popular models.

The brand's expansion beyond sedans began with the famous Type 2, or Transporter, best known today as the VW Bus. Long a stereotypical statement of 1960s hippy culture, the Bus was a practical, useful vehicle for anyone in need of transporting people and cargo. Through name and design changes, the Bus took its leave of the American market in the early 2000s. What Volkswagen gave us, instead, was a range of small to midsize crossover SUVs. The Tiguan, Touareg, and Atlas SUVs sold well for VW here, with the SUV overshadowing the sedans as the market shifted more towards utility vehicles.

Today, new VW models are a more common sight on American streets than they ever were. Here at Eastside Volkswagen, we offer a full lineup of new Volkswagen sedans, SUVs, and even EVs to suit your driving needs. Coming from a long history of vehicular progress, today's VW models, while they may not look like the icons of old, are just as capable and reliable as they ever were.

A silver 2021 Volkswagen Passat R-Line is shown from the side rounding a corner.

Used Options

At Eastside Volkswagen, we are not exclusively a new Volkswagen dealership. We carry a wide selection of used models from other manufacturers on our lot. Brands such as Ford and Audi have as much a place on our lot as Volkswagen. Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Volkswagen models are also available for purchase. The benefits of a CPO VW are innumerable, but the chief among which is the guarantee of several limited warranty options, a 100-point inspection, and other perks and discounts.

Even if you haven't bought your current car from Eastside Volkswagen, we're interested in buying your used vehicle. We offer easy estimates, going over your vehicle's condition, mileage, and age, and providing you an offer that could be $500 to $1,000 higher than the Kelley Blue Book estimate. All out offers are no pressure, meaning they are valid for seven days or 250 miles, whichever comes first. We don't believe in pressuring you to sell your car to us, which is why we are committed to providing you with ease of experience and excellent purchase offers. If you do decide to sell your vehicle to us, you can enjoy a free pickup of your vehicle if you live within 50 miles of Willoughby Hills.

We utilize the Kelley Blue Books estimator tool to provide you with the best possible value for your car or truck trade-in. Simply plug in your make and model, VIN, and license plate number to get an instant evaluation of the price of your car. We can offer you $500 to $1,000 better than the Kelley Blue Book estimate. So, we look forward to working with you to help you purchase your next used car or purchase your used car from you.

A grey 2022 Volkswagen Golf GTI Autobahn is shown from the rear parked on a foggy road.

Available Financing

At Eastside Volkswagen, we believe that everyone is entitled to fairness and honesty. That's why we run a hassle-free finance center with convenient hours. We're ready to take your call during our flexible hours and help you find the right financing for your next VW. We offer competitive rates on new and used cars.

It's easy to get pre-approved online through our simple digital financing form, where we can calculate your monthly payments on a car loan or, if you're interested in leasing, provide you with the leasing option that works best for your needs.

Apart from our own dealer financing, we also offer the latest VW incentives. What these are are offers straight from Volkswagen, which range from warranties, customer cash, and pre-owned specials which stretch across the entire VW lineup. The brand's suite of driver protection plans is also available here at Eastside Volkswagen. These plans include vehicle service protection, term protection, CPO vehicle service protection, lease-end protection, theft protection, key protection, and optional cosmetic coverage, along with many others.

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