2022 Volkswagen Golf R

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  • Overview

    MY22 Golf R Golf R Lapiz Blue L9L9 Titan Black Driver Front

    Some people like the retro car aesthetic. Whether that comes in the form of a rusty old pickup truck, a classic VW van, or an old sports car, we all understand the charm of an old-school vehicle. But, some prefer cars that point to the future, that lend a new level of excitement to the driving experience. After all, the old classics we've come to know and love were once the most futuristic vehicles on the market. If you want a car that comes from a rich history of classics but ushers in the future of the automobile, then the 2022 Volkswagen Golf R is a great place to look. With performance exceeding most other small cars, truly groundbreaking design, and premium technology, the 2022 Golf R proves that we are living in what many in the past thought of as "the future." So, let's take a look inside this vehicle and see what the future might hold.


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    All-Wheel Drive

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    $44,090 [a]

  • Performance

    A blue 2022 Volkswagen Golf R is shown driving on a sunny day.

    The Ultimate Hot Hatch

    Hatchbacks are not always known for their performance capability. Granted, most drivers don't purchase hatchbacks for their performance specs since their strength usually lies in their spacious design, and their purpose is for commuting and less intense drives. But the 2022 Volkswagen Golf R is here to say that hatchbacks sure can bring it home with the performance capabilities.

    While most hatchbacks max out their capability before reaching 200 hp, the 2022 Golf R goes all the way up to 315 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque. You won't easily find specs like that in comparable sedans, and this is thanks to the creative combination of power. With 7-speed DSG dual-clutch automatic transmission and the brand new R-performance torque vectoring 4MOTION all-wheel drive, the Golf R has handling unlike most other small cars in its class. This torque vectoring system allows you to take sharp turns with power and smoothness that you never thought you could experience in a car. The future of performance does not lie in mere specs but in the innovative use of engineering and technology to find ways to better achieve performance capabilities; the Golf R not only understands this fact but implements it.

    Higher performance specs are specifically exciting in smaller vehicles, especially when combined with premium handling, because the small vehicles are often more easily-maneuverable than larger vehicles. Pointing towards the future is about breaking the mold and coming up with creative solutions to problems that drivers don't even know they have. Even if hatchback drivers have not been disappointed in the performance capabilities of their hatchbacks to date, they will certainly be pleased with what they find in the 2022 Golf R. This vehicle redefines our conception of what a hatchback's performance capabilities can be, and it points to the future of how much progress will continue to be made.

  • Design

    A close up shows the driver side headlight on a blue 2022 Volkswagen Golf R.

    Futuristic Looks

    Design is often where we most quickly identify the age of a vehicle. We can tell right away if it is a little bit past its prime or if it's from the present age. So too, however, we can tell if it is a little taste of the future. This is the case with the 2022 Volkswagen Golf R. With a design scheme that feels like a comic book version of the idealized future but is real as day, the Golf R will have you wanting to get in the moment you see the exterior.

    Signature Lighting

    The first thing you will notice about the exterior of the Golf R is the glow. This glow is produced by an LED light bar that makes a beam of light lining the grille. This little bit of extra glow makes the car feel alive and invites you in for an active ride. You may also notice the glow from the Active Cornering Lights, which accompany the traditional LED headlights. These corner lights help illuminate your view when turning, which will make the use of the torque-vectoring capability even more effective when taking those tighter corners. The luminous glow of the exterior will likely lead your eye to a little something just under the LED beam on the grille: an R badge.

    This subtle detail is not obtrusive in any way but adds the vehicle's signature to its grille, giving it the distinctive character that you seek in exterior design. The R certainly likes to remind you what you're driving, which is why its matte chrome exterior mirror caps include a puddle light that projects the "R" signature right onto the ground. This really ups the class of the Golf R and is nicely accompanied by illuminated door handles, which top off the vehicle's glow and give the whole exterior a sense of illumination.

    Interior Aesthetics

    Lighting is one of the most important components of design, as lighting so directly affects our mood and our perception of a given environment. We've all been someplace where we've said, "it's nice, but the lighting is horrible," or somewhere else that maybe hasn't been the nicest place, but the lighting made it feel warm. The 2022 Golf R is more than nice; it's excellent, and the lighting is too. And that's only exterior lighting. Most exteriors stop at headlamps and brake lights, but the Golf R truly glows. The vehicle's exterior feels like a taste of the future, but pinch yourself, and you'll see that this is the present. The exterior glow, however, is only the invitation to take in the interior glow.

    The best aesthetic feature of the interior, which you will notice as the sun begins to set, is the ambient lighting. While the Golf R is not the only vehicle in its class to offer ambient lighting, it really goes all the way by illuminating the dash, doors, console, and displays. But that's not the only way it exceeds expectations; with 30 color options, there will be a mood for all occasions. So, whether you're seeking something romantic for a night out or something fierce for a high-speed adventure, the ambient lighting will set the mood.

    The Performance Feel

    If a high-speed adventure is in the works, then you'll want to direct your eye towards a unique little button on the steering wheel: the signature R (again!). Upon touching the R button, the car will enter race mode, which will give you not only the racing aesthetic but the racing capability that you're looking for. And the rest of the vehicle's design will set the mood for racing as well! Driver and front passenger sport seats come in Nappa Leather, making for a smooth and refined seating experience (and even more refined with the 12-way power adjustment), and as you may have guessed, the signature R is not done making itself seen. With the signature stitched right into the front seats, complemented by blue accents, the Golf R gives you the sporty interior that the exterior suggests. The crowning feature of these seats is that the stitched-in R is ventilated, so you'll have a little extra airflow as you enjoy the ride.

    The cherry on top (literally) of the whole vehicle is that it understands that no man-made glow will ever reach the beauty of natural lighting. This is why the Golf R offers a power-sliding panoramic sunroof. Whether you're trying to soak up the summer sun or let the starlight spill in, the natural lighting will work in tandem with the vehicle's ambient glow to create a truly futuristic aesthetic. Even with the vehicle's brilliant performance aside, the 2022 Golf R will give you a driving experience like never before.

  • Technology

    A close up shows the steering wheel and digital gauges in a 2022 Volkswagen Golf R.

    Innovative and Integrated Driving

    Technology is one of the most direct ways in which we track the passage of time. Because technology is ever-evolving, we see how quickly it is able to develop in short periods of time. The 2022 Volkswagen Golf R receives the benefit of such highly-developed technology, enabling the car to provide an innovative and integrative driving experience that points to the future of automotive technology.

    While you are driving at the Golf R level, it is important that you remain connected to the vital statistics of your drive. This is accomplished in part by the digital head-up display. The head-up display is one of the most futuristic-feeling features on the automotive market right now, as it is a digital projection (essentially a hologram) that presents itself right on the windshield and creates an illuminated, transparent display of the most important driving information.

    A Digital Cockpit

    Such vital statistics are also accompanied by an even more exciting (yes, it is possible) technology feature. With Digital Cockpit Pro, you'll have a digital driver information center that redefines what a driver information center can be. With the signature R logo at the top, you'll be able to have access to Digital Sport Layout gauges, which provides you with vital information like a g-force meter and torque output. This is not your average driver information center that tells you your speed and gas mileage––leave that to the head-up display; Digital Cockpit Pro allows you to engage with your vehicle on a much deeper level.

    It certainly is important to be connected with vital driving information, like that which is provided on the head-up display and Digital Cockpit Pro. But you also want features that add flavor to your drive. With the Discover Pro touchscreen, you'll have a 10-inch center console providing you with all kinds of connectivity features, including navigation, telephone, and apps. This console is where you'll have access to everything that enhances the driving experience. When it comes to enhancement, access to SiriusXM 360L will give you access to the best media possible, which in itself points to the future of radio. Whether you're using your satellite radio or are connecting your device for personal music via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, it will sound better when blasted through the Harman Kardon premium audio system. Music helps set the mood for the drive, and this sound system helps set it right.

    The model certainly points to the future of automotive technology, especially with Digital Cockpit Pro. This technology integrates itself with the vehicle's performance and design to craft a truly innovative and futuristic driving experience.

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